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「 “Bike Riding School Required Intermediate Education (Lv.2)”

If you’ve completed the required basics,

For those who have been riding for more than 3 years,

Based on safety on public roads,

How to increase the speed and stability of the turn

It’s a process of teaching and mastering.

Rainzo Academy’s Top 3 Popular Lectures

be very popular with the education contained in

It’s a curriculum.

Bike Riding School

● Mandatory intermediate education (Lv.2) – 300,000 won

(Increasing basic skills that must be taken)

  • Subject: Riders with more than two years of experience or who have completed essential basic education in the process of deepening the overall information necessary to know when driving on the road

Bike Riding – Husqvarna Svartpilen 125

Husqvarna Svartpilen 125

At the beginning, it can be said that it is the basics of a manual bike.

You start a lot with a 125cc car.

Clutch feel. How to lay and stand a bike.

Steering Principle. In order to feel and learn the basics of car management, etc.

There’s nothing like a 125cc bike.

And the 125cc bike is even if I buy a large bike for leisure.

for commuting. For drinking at home. It shows outstanding skills for use in the suburbs of Seoul.

It can relieve some of the traffic congestion that is clogged up.

In addition, it does not require an amount of money that is an incidental burden to purchase a bike.

It is possible to register with a 2% acquisition tax instead of a 5% acquisition tax like a large bike.

Insurance premiums are also classified as small bikes, boasting low insurance premiums compared to large-displacement vehicles.

A scooter could be better for everyday life, but…

If you are thinking of leveling up in the future, after all, the recommended 125cc manual bike!

So, what is Emares’ recommended 125cc bike?

svartfilen 125

This is the Husqvarna Svartpilen 125.

Husqvarna Svartpilen 125 바이크

As an entry-class model for Husqvarna.

Although it is an entry model, it is a car that stands out for its premium.

For the first introduction, the post-type handle is

It does not require a severe foreground posture, so you can ride in a comfortable position.

It’s pretty hard to ride right from the start.

The output of 15 horsepower in the 6-speed transmission is neither excessive nor insufficient.

I think it’s perfect for beginners.

It is inconvenient even if it is not too strong and it is not fast.

High output at too high a speed is very important for braking in the introductory stage.

It can create dangerous moments.

Of course, ABS is now mandatory in all vehicles in Korea.

I can’t say I’m proud of it, though. Equipped with Bosch’s ABS system.

The front is 320mm. The rear has a large diameter of 230mm.

Safer braking is possible.

And is simple braking better?

WP’s 43mm large-diameter open cartridge suspension coupled to the trellis frame

It helps to provide comfortable and safe braking.

The role of the suspension is not simply used when going over irregularities.

It is used in all situations where the bike is moving and standing.

바이크 라이딩 오토바이는 런피플 전시장에서 구경하세요.

Bike Riding See motorcycles at the Run People exhibition.

In terms of design, it is a design that is already at the forefront of neo-retro.

It was designed by KISKA, and it is said that Husqvarna’s technology was crumpled into the design.

“First of all, you have to design like this, so you all take care of the rest.”

I remember when the 401 was first released. I made up my mind to buy it unconditionally.

Purchased at the same time as domestic release. I still have the 18 year old Svartpilen I bought at that time.

I still own it. It’s still a timeless design.

(Although I changed the color once in the middle…)

The Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tires, which are genuinely adopted for the 17-inch wheels, are

Contrary to its shape, there has never been a time when it lacked grip.

In addition, with that shape, he can walk on dirt roads without anxiety… until he searches for dirt.

The electrics are equipped with LEDs according to the flow of the times.

I am often surprised by the slightly expensive price of headlights

In that case, if you put on the headlight cover, the protector that makes use of the design is completed.

The price is also cheap. (Headlight Protection KRW 111,000)

even from a distance. Ah Svartpilen passes.

The design that you can tell right away seems to have reached its peak…

(It’s not just Italian kids who are good at designing.)

Sometimes, even if I drive with my elbows raised as much as I can off-road.

A vehicle that goes well with any outfit is the Svartpilen.

svartpilen125 , #svartpilen401 Even if we stand together

Which vehicle is #Svartpilen401 or #Svartpilen125?

Same family look that you can’t tell unless it’s a tank emblem

Even if I quietly change from 125 to 401 later…

After removing only the tank emblem from the 401 Svartpilen

He doesn’t know. (If you tell your wife that you change your mind, you will get scolded… So be quiet…)

I don’t know where that person is. If you quietly pass the 250cc that was passing me on the road

That’s one fun thing.

Now, how much Svartpilen’s explanation would have been?

If you’re a new rider, consider the Svartpilen 125.

It is sure to satisfy you in any way.

Bike riders Promotion Team Inauguration Ceremony

Bike riders

Bike riders travel across the country to promote the 2022 Yeongju World Punggi Ginseng Expo.

On the 8th, Yeongju World Punggi Ginseng Expo Organizing Committee (Chairman Hee-beom Lee) was held in Jeonjeong, Yeongju City Hall, with about 20 officials including members of North Gyeongsang Harlioners Group H. In the middle, the Expo Bike Promotion Team was launched.

At the inauguration ceremony on this day, the bike club will go on a bike tour at least once a month, hang a promotional flag for the Ginseng Expo and distribute leaflets, etc.

‘North Gyeongsangbuk-do Harlionous Group H.1’ is a bike club established in 2018. 60 members from Yeongju, Andong, and Yecheon are doing various volunteer activities along with national tours by bike.

Kim Joo-shik, North Gyeongsangbuk-do Harlionus Group H.1 Leader, said, “We will publicize the first ginseng expo event held in our region to all parts of the country. We will do our best to actively promote it.”

Vice Chairman Lee Chang-koo of the Organizing Committee said, “I sincerely thank the H.1 members of Northern Gyeongsangbuk-do Hallionus Group who took the initiative to successfully host the Yeongju World Punggi Ginseng Expo. I will do my best,” he said.

The 2022 Yeongju World Punggi Ginseng Expo will be held in the area of ​​Punggi Ginseng Culture Pop-up Park from September 30 to October 23 under the theme of ‘Ginseng, Embracing the World and Opening the Future!’

The Daecheong Lakeside Healing Riding, which is told by the Road Bicycle Club (REF)

Road Bicycle Club

Introduction to Road Bicycle Club

The Daecheong Lakeside Healing Riding, which is told by the Road Bicycle Club (REF)

There are various ways to have my own time, such as riding a bicycle enjoying nature at speed, trekking slowly with nature, and meditation in a quiet space.

I would like to introduce bicycle riding and Daejeon riding course which are very helpful for helping mental and physical recovery while making proper exchanges with others, and to help readers relax every three times every other week.

In May, the season of riding, Presian accompanied the riding of Daejeon Road Bicycle Club (REF, hereinafter REF), and examined the charm of the road bicycle and the riding course of Daecheong Lakeside across Daejeon and Chungbuk.

Riding course

This riding started at Daecheong Dam Water Cultural Center, went through Samjeong Ecological Park, passed through Daecheong Lake Natural Ecological Park and Hunan Bridge, climbed the summit of the bridge, and returned to Daecheong Dam Water Cultural Center through the Cultural Foundation.

At seven o’clock on Sunday, May 8, members of the Daecheong Dam Cultural Center, the starting point, began to gather one by one, and everyone was looking bright without any signs of fatigue even though it was early morning. Lee Ji-yoon, the leader of the club, talked about the purpose of riding, riding, with the course explanation.

Lee Ji-yoon, the director of the REF, said, “I hope that all participants will feel a happy moment in the Daecheong Lakeside course where they can enjoy healing and riding with the beautiful scenery of Daecheong Lakeside that they have not asked at the time.” “I hope that the riding culture that many people can enjoy together as well as us will be created and policies that can support it.”In addition, we will develop a continuous riding course and make it public so that not only club members but also Daejeon and Chungbuk citizens can enjoy the riding together.

Road Bicycle Club

riding course complement

Bicycle riding was smooth, but when it reached Daecheong Lake Bannae Ecological Park (Chudong, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon), the uphill and downhill roads increased dramatically, and there were many sudden curves, which caused a dizzying moment when driving along the road with the vehicle. Most drivers showed consideration for bicycles, which are relatively weak, and there was no big problem because they were riding the car first, but some drivers were trying to overtake it. It seemed that there should be a policy promotion to watch each other and to move with car and bicycle together, and road traffic facilities were also needed.

On the other hand, according to the Road Traffic Act of Korea, bicycles are subject to the obligation of concession to the 20th career of the Road Traffic Act. Therefore, if there is a space that can fall into the road on the road by one-way lane without any distinction of traffic, it is necessary to make concessions by slipping to the roadside so that the follow-up vehicle can overtake. Of course, in this case, the vehicle that overtakes must be overtaken at a distance of more than 1.5m.

In addition to Daejeon, many people are looking for riding in other regions, except for winter, many car drivers, motorcycle riding and bicycle riding are taking place. There are many risks to interchange with each other due to the nature of the round trip with narrow, uphill, downhill, and steep curves.

Especially, in the case of automobiles and motorcycles, the situation of invading the center line to turn around the curve without reducing the speed was also unheard of, so the risk of traffic accidents was worried. To this end, local governments should implement administration such as lowering the risk of traffic accidents through the installation of reflectors on roads where it is difficult to secure the view of the median and the opposite lanes on the steep curve roads.

At the mid-point of this riding course, Boeun, Chungbuk, there were many people who enjoyed bicycle riding as well as people who enjoyed motorcycle riding. However, in the case of some Orobi riders, they made a dangerous run with a roar, and continued to drive the duck road and downhill course of the head of the police, causing the police to dispatch. Because it is a road that we use together, it seems that the riding culture that refrains from driving that threatens each other’s safety should be settled more.

american membership-United States, is staying in Korea. U.S.) Member reportedly also

american membership

In order to feel the charm of Daecheong Lakeside, two members of Seoul participated in this riding, and Douglas Leonard, who is a researcher in the United States, is staying in Korea. U.S.) Member reportedly also participated. When he took a break from the summit of the commander, he asked Douglas about the charm of riding on his autobiography.

Douglas responded to Riding’s charm by saying, “When you ride a bicycle, you start to see each other’s faces waving differently from driving a car, so it is much more social than driving a car.” “But the attitude of the driver, related laws and infrastructure of the city should follow in order to enjoy the bicycle safely.”

This riding was completed by moving from the village to the Daecheong Dam Cultural Center after passing through the Inquiry Cultural Foundation in Cheongju City. From the Inquiry Cultural Foundation, it was decided to ride each other in order not to interfere with the operation of the vehicle, and the riding was proceeded safely.

Although it has been riding a total of 87km of long course, it has maintained an average speed of more than 30km due to the nature of the road bicycle and completed the course within 5 hours.

On the other hand, bicycles generally have two wheels and people are riding to generate power by pedaling mainly using their feet. If there are not two wheels, it is called a single-footed bicycle, a tricycle, etc., and if the pedal is turned by arm, it is called a forceful bicycle.

Especially for road bikes, those who are skilled in running fast by bicycle can make 35 to 40 km/h by bicycle not very difficult. For this reason, more and more people are enjoying bicycle riding and enjoying speed through road bicycle clubs.

Bicycles will have a very high energy efficiency and will vary depending on the gear ratio, but it is known to show more than 60% efficiency when air resistance is completely excluded. The most used cars are 35 to 39 percent efficient, which is only half the efficiency of bicycles, which is why bicycles are eco-friendly, which is highly energy efficient.

According to the explanation of the super bike Cho Duk-haeng, who is currently a teacher of the Tashu bicycle classroom in Daejeon, the road bicycle is divided into five categories.

Allround Road Bike is the most basic form of road bicycle, focusing on stable driving in various environments and lightening for fast speed, and has the advantage of being advantageous on the uphill.

Aero Road bikes are speed-focused road bikes and are bikes that minimize loss in power transmission by hardening the frame with the goal of reducing air resistance as much as possible. However, it weighs more than the all-round road bicycle, so you can feel more fatigue in long-distance riding.

Endurance Road Bike is a bicycle that focuses on comfort and can be used to ride comfortably by putting elements that can absorb impact. However, there is a disadvantage that the power loss and the power loss are low and the speed is low.

Cyclocross Road Bike (C.X) is a bicycle with excellent generality using a strong frame and thick tires rather than lightweight to ride rugged terrain.

Time Trial (T.T) is a bicycle designed to run the fastest and shortest time, with an extreme aerodynamic structure.It is also a little difficult for the general public to access.