Electric motorcycle

Introduction to electric motorcycles and principles of electric motorcycles

As the importance of eco-friendly alternative energy has been emphasized, many eco-friendly cars have been launched as there has been talking of using eco-friendly energy for cars that run on fuel. Hydrogen cars, solar-powered cars, and even electric cars have been developed. As for motorcycles, electric motorcycles are being released one after another in line with the trend of eco-friendly alternative energy. Today, let’s learn about electric motorcycles and the principles of electric motorcycles with the Department of Electrical Engineering at Shinansan University.

Electric motorcycle principle

Electric motorcycles have almost the same composition as general motorcycles that are widely available in the market, except for two things. It can be said that the configuration of the driving device that moves the motorcycle itself is different. A general motorcycle drive system consists of an engine and a fuel system, so it is usually driven with oil. It also has an exhaust system connected to it, which releases carbon through the exhaust system. On the other hand, in the electric motorcycle principle, the driving device consists only of a battery and a motor. It is a form of charging electricity through a battery and driving a motorcycle with a motor. And the biggest difference between electric motorcycles and regular motorcycles is that they do not emit carbon because they do not have exhaust systems. Therefore, the difference between an electric motorcycle and a regular motorcycle is the presence or absence of a drive system and an exhaust system.

(1) Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle

Harley-Davidson, famous for motorcycles, also made electric motorcycles. For Harley-Davidson motorcycles, shading-type tires and new exhaust sounds were applied to enjoy the driving instinct, and various LED headlamps and touch screens were used as lightweight frames. Equipped with an electric motor with a maximum output of 75 horsepower, it takes about 4 seconds to reach 100 km from a standstill, and can run at a maximum speed of 148 km per hour.

(2) Black Trail Electric Motorcycle

The Black Trail BT-01 was created in collaboration with German PG Bike and UBC (a carbon fiber manufacturer). Although the design has an old-fashioned appearance from the 1930s, the price is a whopping 81.74 million won. The Black Trail can reach 200 km/h, the world’s fastest commercial electric motorcycle. In addition, the body of the motorcycle is made of carbon fiber and high-alloy aluminum used by NASA, so it weighs only 19.8 kg.

There are many companies currently developing electric motorcycles. In a little while, Honda is also about to release an electric motorcycle, so you can see Honda electric motorcycles. In Korea, VME Korea is not an electric motorcycle, but it makes electric bicycles with pure domestic technology and exports them to countries around the world. As the demand for electric bicycles, motorcycles, and light vehicles is growing, it is likely that the day will soon come when we will see many electric bicycles and electric motorcycles on the road.