[Beauty & Fashion] Lush Spa, Balan, Lightning Market, Asung Daiso, etc.

Rush Spa launches ‘Fresh Facial’ treatment

Lush 즐런가이드 Korea, a fresh handmade cosmetic brand, is launching a new program ‘Fresh Facial’ at Lush Spa. As the second facial care treatment at Lush Spa, you can experience fresh skin care products for 30 minutes.

This treatment embodies the vision of the brand co-founder, Mark Constantine, that ‘The Lush Spa is a place where you can fully experience Lush’s products’.

For Fresh Facial, it is important to consult with a therapist in the early stages. This is because it identifies what customers want and sets key ingredients that will benefit the skin accordingly. This determines which product to use for the treatment.

In particular, the music played during the treatment harmonizes with the music of the orchestra recorded at Abbey Road Studios, where the Beatles and other world-class musicians have passed, and electronica and sounds of nature. It helps you stop everything for a moment and immerse yourself in deep relaxation.

Balaan to introduce ‘Connected Retail’, an online luxury commerce business in Yeouido

Luxury platform Balaan introduces ‘Connected Retail’, the future of online luxury commerce.

All products in the offline store are linked with online in real time, and by scanning the products displayed in the store with the Balan mobile app, you can check the lowest price comparison, detailed information, purchase reviews, and customized recommendations.

In addition, without having to wait in line for payment, you can receive up to 10% additional payment benefits such as coupons and card discounts online, and when the product is ready, you can pick it up at the store or choose same-day delivery to receive it at home.

In particular, ‘smart fitting room’ technology that can be stored online and tried on in stores is also applied. If you put the product in the Balan app and apply for use of the fitting room at the store, the staff can prepare the product and use the fitting room non-face-to-face through a notification. Also, if you want to change the size or product while using the fitting room, request it through the smart mirror provided inside the fitting room, and the staff will prepare it for you.

Lightning Market, GS25 Frying Shoes Authenticity Inspection Event

Bungbang Market is collaborating with GS25, a convenience store operated by GS Retail (CEO Yeon-soo Huh), to conduct an authenticity inspection and draw event for fried shoes. Lightning Market is an event that applies its ‘genuine inspection service’ to fried shoes, and plans to provide consumers with a different kind of enjoyment.

GS25’s fried shoes are a shoe-shaped chicken inspired by the concept of ‘fried shoes are delicious even with fried shoes’.

To this end, Bungbang Market used the professional manpower of its inspection center to identify the authenticity of GS25 fried shoes. The process similar to the sneaker inspection of the ‘Genuine Inspection Service’ launched in April by Lightning Market was applied to fried shoes, and a video showing the process was released on the 1st. At the same time, prizes will be provided to participants through the ‘Authenticated Shoe Fry Draw Event’ so that they can enjoy fried shoes in more diverse ways.

Anyone who is a member of the Lightning Market app can participate in the ‘Authenticated Shoe Fry Draw Event’, and will automatically apply for fried shoes products registered as ‘Inspectable’ in the Lightning Market app. In addition to the Lightning Market app, you can also apply offline. From July 7th, you can visit the Bugzt Lab located in The Hyundai Seoul and upload the store photo to your SNS account. The event will run until July 10, and GS25 fried shoes gifticon (500 people) and Nike limited edition sneakers (3 people) will be provided as prizes through a lottery.

Delicious, Gangnam office building expansion, relocation “We will actively recruit”

Delicious, which operates the ‘New Market’ service, plans to expand and relocate its headquarters to the Gangnam office and reorganize its welfare system to actively expand its workforce.

Delicious’s Gangnam office building, which has been expanded and relocated, has an exclusive area of ​​614 pyeong and uses all three floors of the building. The interior has been remodeled so that members can freely communicate along the flow of the space they frequently use.

Delicious, which is growing into a ‘K-fashion change maker’, with the cumulative transaction amount of new market and Deliver Bird exceeding 2.3 trillion won in June this year, has moved to expand and relocate its office building as the number of employees rapidly increases. The number of delicious employees totaled 265 as of June this year (based on full-time employees), a 30% increase in 6 months compared to December of last year.

In addition to the relocation of the office building, Delicious has also prepared various employee welfare programs, such as providing welfare points of 2 million won per year to all employees and providing up to 1.5 million won in interest on housing loans.

Dongkook Pharm Centellian 24, summer limited edition ‘Madeca to go kit’ released

Dongkuk Pharmaceutical’s derma cosmetic brand Centelian 24 has launched a summer special edition ‘Madeca To Go Kit’, boasting high portability and usability, for the full-fledged summer vacation season.

‘Madeca To Go Kit’ is a special kit composed of 8 popular Centellian 24 products, and boasts a generous configuration with a total of 100 lightweight mini pouch type products. The kit consists of 5 basic skin care products such as toner, lotion, ampoule, cream, and eye cream, and 3 types of cleansing/cleaning products such as foam cleanser, shampoo, and body wash. You can take out the desired products according to your needs such as travel or exercise and carry them lightly, and you can also enjoy the fun of ‘self-pairing’ to create your own combination.

In addition, all products are put in a tin case with good portability, so it can be usefully used during the holiday season or when going out with a lot of luggage.

Women’s underwear brand ‘Dorothywa’ selected as a promising leading company in Seoul’s 4 major future growth industries

MMMD, which operates women’s underwear brand ‘Dorothywa’, was selected as ‘Seoul’s 4 promising leading companies in future growth industries’ by the Small and Medium Venture Business Corporation.

Dorothywa was selected as a promising leading company in the field of fashion and functional textiles, and will receive support for driving and facilities up to a limit of 6 billion won. In addition, consulting, technical support, and marketing services are supported with a voucher of up to KRW 50 million, and expenses for online and offline marketing activities required throughout the export process are supported in the form of a voucher.

With Dorothy, we applied for a patent for a three-part mold without a wire that realized the wire function and a bra manufacturing method using the same. It is strengthening its branding with products that are differentiated from existing underwear companies, such as whole-garment seamless bralettes and square panties that anyone can wear beautifully and comfortably.