Bike Riding – Husqvarna Svartpilen 125

Husqvarna Svartpilen 125

At the beginning, it can be said that it is the basics of a manual bike.

You start a lot with a 125cc car.

Clutch feel. How to lay and stand a bike.

Steering Principle. In order to feel and learn the basics of car management, etc.

There’s nothing like a 125cc bike.

And the 125cc bike is even if I buy a large bike for leisure.

for commuting. For drinking at home. It shows outstanding skills for use in the suburbs of Seoul.

It can relieve some of the traffic congestion that is clogged up.

In addition, it does not require an amount of money that is an incidental burden to purchase a bike.

It is possible to register with a 2% acquisition tax instead of a 5% acquisition tax like a large bike.

Insurance premiums are also classified as small bikes, boasting low insurance premiums compared to large-displacement vehicles.

A scooter could be better for everyday life, but…

If you are thinking of leveling up in the future, after all, the recommended 125cc manual bike!

So, what is Emares’ recommended 125cc bike?

svartfilen 125

This is the Husqvarna Svartpilen 125.

Husqvarna Svartpilen 125 바이크

As an entry-class model for Husqvarna.

Although it is an entry model, it is a car that stands out for its premium.

For the first introduction, the post-type handle is

It does not require a severe foreground posture, so you can ride in a comfortable position.

It’s pretty hard to ride right from the start.

The output of 15 horsepower in the 6-speed transmission is neither excessive nor insufficient.

I think it’s perfect for beginners.

It is inconvenient even if it is not too strong and it is not fast.

High output at too high a speed is very important for braking in the introductory stage.

It can create dangerous moments.

Of course, ABS is now mandatory in all vehicles in Korea.

I can’t say I’m proud of it, though. Equipped with Bosch’s ABS system.

The front is 320mm. The rear has a large diameter of 230mm.

Safer braking is possible.

And is simple braking better?

WP’s 43mm large-diameter open cartridge suspension coupled to the trellis frame

It helps to provide comfortable and safe braking.

The role of the suspension is not simply used when going over irregularities.

It is used in all situations where the bike is moving and standing.

바이크 라이딩 오토바이는 런피플 전시장에서 구경하세요.

Bike Riding See motorcycles at the Run People exhibition.

In terms of design, it is a design that is already at the forefront of neo-retro.

It was designed by KISKA, and it is said that Husqvarna’s technology was crumpled into the design.

“First of all, you have to design like this, so you all take care of the rest.”

I remember when the 401 was first released. I made up my mind to buy it unconditionally.

Purchased at the same time as domestic release. I still have the 18 year old Svartpilen I bought at that time.

I still own it. It’s still a timeless design.

(Although I changed the color once in the middle…)

The Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tires, which are genuinely adopted for the 17-inch wheels, are

Contrary to its shape, there has never been a time when it lacked grip.

In addition, with that shape, he can walk on dirt roads without anxiety… until he searches for dirt.

The electrics are equipped with LEDs according to the flow of the times.

I am often surprised by the slightly expensive price of headlights

In that case, if you put on the headlight cover, the protector that makes use of the design is completed.

The price is also cheap. (Headlight Protection KRW 111,000)

even from a distance. Ah Svartpilen passes.

The design that you can tell right away seems to have reached its peak…

(It’s not just Italian kids who are good at designing.)

Sometimes, even if I drive with my elbows raised as much as I can off-road.

A vehicle that goes well with any outfit is the Svartpilen.

svartpilen125 , #svartpilen401 Even if we stand together

Which vehicle is #Svartpilen401 or #Svartpilen125?

Same family look that you can’t tell unless it’s a tank emblem

Even if I quietly change from 125 to 401 later…

After removing only the tank emblem from the 401 Svartpilen

He doesn’t know. (If you tell your wife that you change your mind, you will get scolded… So be quiet…)

I don’t know where that person is. If you quietly pass the 250cc that was passing me on the road

That’s one fun thing.

Now, how much Svartpilen’s explanation would have been?

If you’re a new rider, consider the Svartpilen 125.

It is sure to satisfy you in any way.